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Do you need help setting up QuickBooks? Is your company’s payroll too big for you to handle? Turn to Pathway Accountants when you need assistance with your finances.

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Take control of your company’s finances

Pathway Accountants was created under Pathway Consulting Group to provide complete and customized wealth management services. Our lead accountant, Chad Wauschek, is committed to helping you get your finances in order.

Pathway Accountants offers a variety of accounting services, including:

Instead of spending hours managing your books or tracking your payroll, count on Pathway Accountants to meet your needs.

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Our financial planner will account for every penny

Pathway Accountants is your best bet when you want complete wealth management and financial planning services.

We’ll make sure you’re always fully informed about your financial situation. Our accountant will help you make the right investments, plan for Tax Day and maximize your deductions.

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